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Akihiro Katashi Katsu


date of birth: 23.5.2012
place of birth: Czech Republic
family name: Hiro
colour: red
Sex: male
pre x-ray: DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0
Breeder: Bc. Miluše Pilařová
Owner: Mrs. Leo, NY, USA

Gorgeous male, compact build, red colour.

Character: Very affectionate, calm. Perfect pet.

Younger copy of his father

4.11.2012 - International Dog Show CACIB Prague: VP3 + excellent report


eleventh and twelfth month - 1 year :)

photos will be published as soon as possible

ninth and tenth month

seventh and eighth month

sixth month

first snow

4.11.2012 - International dogshow CACIB Praha, CZ:

five months

fourth month

third month

these and even older photos are available in the photogallery
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