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Walk around the center of Paris

We have prolonged our stay in Paris and after two days in the exhibition halls we have decided to go for all day trip around well known places in the Paris. And both of our dogs were with us, as always ;o)

The weather was fine so we have decided that we will walk around the center of Paris, so we could see this way the most of it. Both our dogs Asuka and Chinzei walked through the whole center, in the rush of the city, in crowdes of all people, the locals and foreigners. The tour went through all different places, pavements, parks, staires, undergrounds or even on the waterfront of the Seine river. The easy way how they have came through this all was really adorable. They have been for all day in the center of attention of everyone we have passed by. It felt like some kind of promotion of the breed Tosa-Inu ;o)) The journey that went mainly through the city and was approx 18 km long managed Asuka and Chinzei with wonderfull endurance. From this trip we have loads of nice memories and photos, and some of them are here ...

Here are some photos......

In Paris In Paris In Paris In Paris
In Paris

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